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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The kids have gone back to school which means 3 hours of walking a day and help with homework. Both of which I am really enjoying. The walks to and from school are the perfect time to get to know the kids individually. Yesterday, one of the boys asked me to tell him something about American history. After telling him some facts about Philadelphia and the history of the city, I asked him to explain to me who the kids pray to before their meals. The sound of the kids chanting Buddhist prayers is the cue for meal time at the orphanage. Before dinner, it is 20 minutes long. This is the prayer I was asking about. He told me that they are praying to the goddess Green Tara, whose picture is hanging on the wall in the dining room. This is the Goddess that created the universe and everything in it, I was told. The kids pray to her thanking her for what they have, and asking her to protect all living things. The boy who was explaining this to me told me that Green Tara does not discriminate, she protects all living things, no matter what religion or beliefs. So they don't discriminate either. They pray for the protection of everyone and everything.
Last night, the dinner gong was struck and the kids all sat in the main room like they always do, packed into the floor space, closed their eyes, put their hands together in prater position, and started chanting. The power was out, so there were no lights, and they all looked so peaceful as they do every night, but knowing what they were saying made this moment very special. The kids are so lovely and smart and curious. I love teaching them things about my life back home and learning more each day about their lives here.
the power is going out now, and the letters on this key board are all worn off, so I will write more in a few days. I am going on my first adventure tomorrow- 3 days of rafting with a few of the other volunteers. I'll takelots of pictures! Love and light to all! <3

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  1. Great info! Can't wait to see the pics from the rafting trip.